14 December, 2010

Snow Day! :D

Finally I have a day to catch up on all my work :P And I finished the zombie doll I've been working on forever. It's not that great, but it's my guinea pig.

25 November, 2010

Thanksgiving Already?

I haven't been on here in a while 'cause I was reaally sick one week, then I had to catch up with school work :P But, my little mice had more little mice. There were twenty-one of them...now I'm down to one :l It's life though. Except how three of them randomly, and I have NOO idea what happened. My favourite baby was a victim :( I'm just glad that everything's going well now.

That's Ophelia. The big momma. RIP :(

09 November, 2010

Zombie Dolls?

Lately I've been working on handmaking a zombie doll. So far I have a pattern cut out, and some of it together. Hopefully it looks really good :)

01 November, 2010

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

This weekend I went to my friend's house to party. I was starting to get worried about not finding a Halloween party to go to. Just getting ready for this party was fun :) We went to Wal-mart all bloodied up and got the weirdest looks. It was great. I wish I would've taken our picture. But, here's some of one zombie and The Ripper's victim. (Yes, I was The Ripper's victim.)

27 October, 2010

May Flowers Bring More Showers

Myrtle Beach 2009

(This is the first sonnet I wrote back in 9th grade.)

May Flowers Bring More Showers

You always remind me of how much I like you
A feeling that brings tidings of the spring time
This isn't new but I don't have a single clue
Where our love starts fresh on the horizon line
When the weather's cloudy, you brighten my day
It may seem to be dark but you're my sun
I could tell you reasons why but I can't say
Don't spell it out 'cause I know you're the one
Even May flowers can't withstand the storm
When the rain drops dance upon their swollen leaves
You may think I am crushed but I'm not torn
I've heard that I wear my heart on my sleeves
I know life is like a box of chocolates
But, it's better than leaving one in your pockets

21 October, 2010

Holy Mole

For Chemistry class we had to make little moles for  mole day. Some of the older ones had themes like Marilyn Monmole or Troy Polamolu. Mine is merely Rock and Mole.

He has a little skull earring :)

...And a nose piercing.

20 October, 2010

Work, work, work.

So I've been working really hard on getting the Story Page up. There's a few parts of my 'big' story that I really want to add on here. Plus, I found some short stories I wrote not long ago. Hopefully I can get some up by the end of the week. I've been looking for some new bands for the Featured page. If you have any that need suggesting, don't hesitate.

18 October, 2010

This Weekend

Hi everyone :) I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was extremely busy. Saturday morning I got up at 4 a.m. to go to Penn State to see a nuclear reactor. It was pretty cool. I wasn't allowed to take and photos, so sorry guys. :( Yesterday though, I went out to lunch with my boyfriend and his family. It was really nice.

Someday when I have kids, I want to buy them a hat like this. Just so they can match their mama :)

I would spend my days making these adorable monsters if I could

English Bulldogs are soo cute! :D If I ever get one, it's name will be Slappy

15 October, 2010

It's Friday Night!!

Hello everyone! :) I thought Friday was never going to get here. This week really dragged on. But, hey I have a busy busy three day weekend, so no complaining here. Tomorrow I have to get up around 4:30 am to go to Penn State. I joined the Westinghouse Science Honours Institute, and get to see a nuclear reactor. Then, Sunday I'm going to spend the day with my boyfriend for his birthday. (Even though his birthday's tomorrow..) Well, I need some sleep. I hope everyone had a good day, and a good weekend (:

14 October, 2010

My Summer

This summer was one of the best :) Just  turned 16 and spending every day with old friends, and making new ones along the way. Even a love interest popped up, and we've been going steady now. Thankfully, my parents actually like this one :D

Randomly walking along train tracks you can find some interesting artwork..And I couldn't help but take a picture.

Going to Kennywood in Pittsburgh, Pa for school picnic is a LOT of fun. I've never gone before, but going with my friend Cam, who I've known since we were like 6, was greaat :)

Then, I adopted 2 baby mice. They were going to be killed and probably eaten..and I just COULDN'T let that happen. Little did I know, the mama was pregnant and now I have 7 altogether. This is Sharkbait...my favourite..shuush.

I also was able to go to Philadelphia, Pa for a few days. It was nice getting out of town and seeing new things. (We went for my sister's softball tournament.) I'm not real big into sports, but it was fun watching them play. You can easily get caught up in a game...even when you're attempting to write a story.

13 October, 2010

Some Cute Things

1. Rainbow Butterfly Cake

2. Coffee Art
(I wish I could make some of this)

3. Shark Bathrobe :)
(so cute! if i ever have kids..they're getting one of these)

(here's a link to the bathrobe website My Sweet Muffin)

12 October, 2010

About Me

(Just a little about me.)

Hello peoples, I'm Erica. I live in Pennsylvania, and I'm 16 years young.

Some things I REALLY love are pretty vintage, or unique. I like finding things at thrift stores that have their own personality attached to them. I randomly take photographs of anything that I find cool/pretty/odd. I'll probably add some of it on here :)..along with photos that I find around on the web. (I'll make sure I note which are my artworks.) I also write some short stories. There's this one actual story I've been writing since Fall of '06. Almost finished! It's about the lives of teenagers, and some of the "bumps in the road" that they have to get past. If I remember, I'll try to write some excepts to get some opinions on it :) Hopefully I can get it published some day. That's my biggest dream.

I have quite a collection of  "normal" pets. My 6 mice, 2 dogs, 6 or so cats (they live in the barn), and my mum's horse.

Music: I'm into everything. I'll listen to anything someone suggests to me because I like finding out new artists I like. Right now, I've been listening to Passion Pit, First Aid Kit, and Asteria. I'll try my  hardest to make some playlists (:

 I'm down to talking to anyone, as long as you're respectful.