12 October, 2010

About Me

(Just a little about me.)

Hello peoples, I'm Erica. I live in Pennsylvania, and I'm 16 years young.

Some things I REALLY love are pretty vintage, or unique. I like finding things at thrift stores that have their own personality attached to them. I randomly take photographs of anything that I find cool/pretty/odd. I'll probably add some of it on here :)..along with photos that I find around on the web. (I'll make sure I note which are my artworks.) I also write some short stories. There's this one actual story I've been writing since Fall of '06. Almost finished! It's about the lives of teenagers, and some of the "bumps in the road" that they have to get past. If I remember, I'll try to write some excepts to get some opinions on it :) Hopefully I can get it published some day. That's my biggest dream.

I have quite a collection of  "normal" pets. My 6 mice, 2 dogs, 6 or so cats (they live in the barn), and my mum's horse.

Music: I'm into everything. I'll listen to anything someone suggests to me because I like finding out new artists I like. Right now, I've been listening to Passion Pit, First Aid Kit, and Asteria. I'll try my  hardest to make some playlists (:

 I'm down to talking to anyone, as long as you're respectful.

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