27 October, 2010

May Flowers Bring More Showers

Myrtle Beach 2009

(This is the first sonnet I wrote back in 9th grade.)

May Flowers Bring More Showers

You always remind me of how much I like you
A feeling that brings tidings of the spring time
This isn't new but I don't have a single clue
Where our love starts fresh on the horizon line
When the weather's cloudy, you brighten my day
It may seem to be dark but you're my sun
I could tell you reasons why but I can't say
Don't spell it out 'cause I know you're the one
Even May flowers can't withstand the storm
When the rain drops dance upon their swollen leaves
You may think I am crushed but I'm not torn
I've heard that I wear my heart on my sleeves
I know life is like a box of chocolates
But, it's better than leaving one in your pockets

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