14 October, 2010

My Summer

This summer was one of the best :) Just  turned 16 and spending every day with old friends, and making new ones along the way. Even a love interest popped up, and we've been going steady now. Thankfully, my parents actually like this one :D

Randomly walking along train tracks you can find some interesting artwork..And I couldn't help but take a picture.

Going to Kennywood in Pittsburgh, Pa for school picnic is a LOT of fun. I've never gone before, but going with my friend Cam, who I've known since we were like 6, was greaat :)

Then, I adopted 2 baby mice. They were going to be killed and probably eaten..and I just COULDN'T let that happen. Little did I know, the mama was pregnant and now I have 7 altogether. This is Sharkbait...my favourite..shuush.

I also was able to go to Philadelphia, Pa for a few days. It was nice getting out of town and seeing new things. (We went for my sister's softball tournament.) I'm not real big into sports, but it was fun watching them play. You can easily get caught up in a game...even when you're attempting to write a story.

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