25 November, 2010

Thanksgiving Already?

I haven't been on here in a while 'cause I was reaally sick one week, then I had to catch up with school work :P But, my little mice had more little mice. There were twenty-one of them...now I'm down to one :l It's life though. Except how three of them randomly, and I have NOO idea what happened. My favourite baby was a victim :( I'm just glad that everything's going well now.

That's Ophelia. The big momma. RIP :(

09 November, 2010

Zombie Dolls?

Lately I've been working on handmaking a zombie doll. So far I have a pattern cut out, and some of it together. Hopefully it looks really good :)

01 November, 2010

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

This weekend I went to my friend's house to party. I was starting to get worried about not finding a Halloween party to go to. Just getting ready for this party was fun :) We went to Wal-mart all bloodied up and got the weirdest looks. It was great. I wish I would've taken our picture. But, here's some of one zombie and The Ripper's victim. (Yes, I was The Ripper's victim.)