25 April, 2011


I'll start again when this song ends.
Dye my hair that auburn red.
Hit up that strange party scene.
My disguise fades as I see the crowd,
And the same song plays over again.
How could I ever think of leaving?
Then she walks through the open door,
The all too familiar story plays out.
It doesn't matter now.
My edges start to blur and fade.
The song begins to die away,
And suddenly it's all okay.
You're fucked up and acting foolish.
Aren't we the unluckiest ones in the room?
And it's okay if she sits beside you.
'Cause boy, we would only be second best.
Some day it's never gonna matter.
The song comes roaring back.
And darling,
That's my cue to leave.
But, I'm stuck here wishing I had a man.

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