09 September, 2011


"Tunny, please stop pulling on Mummy's dress." Tunny, my three year old daughter, was insistent on pulling me around the park with her. Her six year old brother, Zane, was playing on the swings by himself.
"Mummy, I want ice cream."
"Why don't you play on the swings with Zane first. Then, we'll go get ice cream." The biggest smile spread across her face and her light blue eyes lit up. I watched her small figure race toward her brother with her blonde hair flowing behind.
Tunny is such an energetic little girl. She's always trying to keep up with Zane in everything that he does. He's really good with her, too. Zane has never been mean to her, and always lets her play with him.
I wobbled my pregnant self over toward the swings. Tunny was sitting in the mulch, staring up at Zane admiringly.
"Come on, Tunny. Let Mummy put you in the swing." I picked her up, and somehow managed to get her into the baby swing on the first try.
"Mummy, I wanna go high."
"Okay, baby. But, not too high, alright?"
"Tunny!" Zane called for her attention. "Watch me do this trick!" He waited until he knew he had her full attention. Zane pumped his little legs, and jumped off of the swing. Tunny squealed with excitement, and started to kick her legs.
"Mummy! Mummy! I wanna do that!"
"You're too little to do that yet." She leaned back in the seat so she could see me better.
"But, Mummy. I wanna do that." Her eyes brimmed with tears as a temper tantrum boiled inside her.
"Let's go get some ice cream instead. I'll let you pick out whatever you want."
"I want sprinkles on mine!" Zane raced over to Tunny's side once I let her down.
"That's fine. Tunny, do you know what you want?"
"I want sprinkles, too!" She grabbed onto Zane's hand, and started pulling him toward the car.
We got to the ice cream parlor, and took a seat on the benches outside.
Watching Tunny eat her ice cream is always amusing. I bought her a small vanilla cone with sprinkles, and Zane got a small chocolate with sprinkles. It starts out fine, and then someone has to wipe their ice cream on the other. Usually, it's Tunny wiping her ice cream because she loves when Zane freaks out. Zane doesn't do much about it, besides giving her a silly face. But, it makes Tunny giggle like crazy.
"Tunny, lick your ice cream before it gets all over the place." She started licking the bottom of the cone, and got ice cream all over her face. Some of it ended up onto her dress.
"Mum, can we go to the park again tomorrow?" Zane asked.
"You have school tomorrow, dear. Tunny, come here so I can wipe your face." She shook her head, and tried to hide behind one of the tables. "You're not going in the car with ice cream all over you."
"No, I don't wanna." Zane grabbed her, and she started to kick and cry.
"Zane, just leave her alone. Tunny, please behave for Mummy. Don't you wanna go home and watch Madeline?" She was still crying because Zane grabbed her, and she placed herself in between my legs.
"Mummy, I wanna go home."
"Okay, baby. Zane, can you grab my bag?" I picked Tunny up, and carried her to the car. Once she was snapped into her car seat, she passed out.
"Mum, can we go to Sunday school again?" Zane asked when I pulled out of the parking lot.
"Of course, kiddo. Did you really enjoy it today?"
"Yup. I can't wait."
"Well, good. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Grandma and Pappy are gonna be there next time." I looked up into the rear-view mirror to see them both sleeping. Tunny's face and hands were still coated in ice cream. She looked like a little angel.
Zane was facing Tunny, and he twitched in his sleep. He squinted his eyes and groaned.
The only thing he got from me.

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