25 October, 2012

A Nightmare

I walked outside of the run down trailer into the pouring rain. It’s been a downpour for days. The once hard ground had turned into a swamp that dragged you down as you tried to hide for cover. The ground was so soft that most of the trailers in the park were being sucked down into the ground. The entrances were drowning in the mud. It wasn’t worth trying to dig it out when you knew that death was not far behind you.
I crawled my way through the mud and debris, hoping to find something to defend myself with. A rotting and rusting trailer was illuminated by the sudden flashes of lightening. The door was hanging off of the hinges and the windows were boarded up. The previous owners thought that that would help protect them against the oncoming attacks.
But, they were wrong.
Everyone was wrong.
I carefully made my way into the trailer, trying not to cut myself on anything. The world didn’t yet know what caused this awful disease.
Lightening flashed again and thunder rumbled loud overhead. The lightening illuminated the inside of the trailer just enough for me to look around. A crowbar was laying on the floor not too far away.
Thunder rumbled again and then all was silent. The rain had stopped pounding on the metal roof. In the not too far distance, moaning could be hear.
Shivers went up my spine. The sound of death was closing in.
I grabbed the crowbar, and spilled a few drawers onto the floor. There had to be a flashlight and batteries in here somewhere. There had to be.
But, there wasn’t.
The moaning was louder and I knew that I had to get out of there. Fast.
I ran out of the door, and looked around the swampy area. Most of the trailers were sinking fast into the ground. There was no where to hide.
I ran down the muddy street, hoping to catch a quick glimpse of a hideout. Something that could last through the night.
A trailer off to the side stole my attention. The whole side of it had been ripped open by God knows what. I could see every room inside clearly.
My heart suddenly dropped into my stomach and I became nauseous. My hand immediately went over my mouth to make sure no sounds came out. But, my dread overwhelmed me.
Inside the trailer were about three dead heads tearing a man apart. They growled and clawed at each other like wild animals to make sure the other didn't take its food.
Then the one looked up at me. My eyes met his dead ones, and I knew that it was all over.
I ran as fast as I could down the road, knowing that death was biting at my heels. I caught sight of a house, and ran straight towards it, pushing myself all the harder.
I pried away the boards and threw them aside. They weren't of any use now or later.
Once I got in the house, I locked the door. Hoping to add a few seconds of lost time to my life. I pushed a nearby desk up against the door, and turned to look for more.
The moaning was louder than ever. I could hardly focus. They scratched and gnawed at the door, trying to get in to rip me apart.
The room was nearly empty. Nothing was heavy enough to help reinforce the door.
I was going to be stuck in this empty place while the outside is surrounded by those monsters.
I turned around as the door splintered behind me. A wide gaping hole appeared on the door, and the dead tried to fight their way through.
It was an awful sight. Their skin was pulled tight over their gray bones. Their eyes were glossed over, and an endless hunger burned deep within.
A pain shot through my ankle, and I dropped to the ground. To my horror, a dead head was ripping my foot open. I kicked it in the face, but only as a natural defense.
 Once I felt that pain, I knew that I was already dead.